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  • May 23, 2018
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  • Contract Downloads

    You can download the current Contracts by clicking on the links below:

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    2014 National Agreement Articles

    1996 Overtime MOU (0.16 MB)
    1996 Overtime MOU rolled with new contract - read with Article 15
    2009 WDM CMP Settlement Agreement (0.36 MB)
    2009 West Des Moines Civil Monetary Penalties Settlement Agreement
    2014 National Agreement NTEU Ch.224 & SSA (0.79 MB)
    2014 WebT/A MOU (0.09 MB)
    Web Time and Attendance Phase 2
    2015 DWPI FSIP decision (0.07 MB)
    FSIP decision on DWPI negotiations
    2015 DWPI MOU (0.04 MB)
    2015 FSIP decision Louisville NCAC (0.49 MB)
    FSIP decision on establishing the Louisville NCAC annex
    2015 Space Sharing MOU (0.15 MB)
    How Space Sharing will work
    2016 Article 17 Telework FSIP decision (0.76 MB)
    FSIP decision on Article 17 reopener
    2016 Email MOU (0.07 MB)
    End of Outlook Web Access and no more personal email access from SSA computers
    2016 Louisville NCAC Annex MOU (0.05 MB)
    MOU following FSIP decision
    2016 New Telework Contract Article (0.06 MB)
    New Article 17 Telework October 2016
    2016 SkillsConnect MOU (1.04 MB)
    2017 Letter of Intent with Attorney Supervision MOU (0.13 MB)
    Letter of Intent - Companion to MOU
    2017 Notice of Article 17 changes (0.03 MB)
    Notice two sections of the new Article 17 are implemented
    2017 Supervison of Attorneys MOU (0.72 MB)
    2017 Termination of HPI MOUs and new MOU
    Employee Reassignments Article 19 (0.04 MB)
    Employee Reassignment Requests Contract Article - Article 19
    NTEU Chapter 224 MOUs and Documents (0.22 MB)
    This document includes many MOUs, most surviving the new 2014 Agreement. For convenience, it has editorial enhancements. The Table of Contents is linked to the individual headers. Important language is color-coded to addresses certain topics.

    Last updated: Apr. 26, 2018

    *Please Note*: You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to view the pdf file.
    (Click the image to download Acrobat Reader.)

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